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For external use systemic tren dosage per week absorption of fusidic acid is low. In the systemic circulation misses. Skin infections caused by bacteria sensitive to fusidic acid. Hypersensitivity tren dosage per week to the drug.

Precautions : Pregnancy, lactation

Dosage and administration:
In adults and children from birth to 18 years of cream is applied to the affected skin with a thin layer 3-4 times a day.
If you are using gauze bandages frequency of application can be reduced to 1-2 times per day.
The duration of treatment depends on the type and severity of the disease and on average 7-14 days.

Side effects
The frequency of side effects tren dosage per week is classified as very rare – side effects can be expected in approximately 5% of patients.
The following are data on adverse reactions, depending on the frequency of occurrence
is often ≥ 1/10
Most ≥ 1/100 and <1/10
Uncommon ≥ 1/1000 and <1/100
rare ≥ 1/10000 and <1/1000
Very rare <1/10000 Violations of the skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: Uncommon: rash (erythematous, maculopapular, pustular), skin irritation, including pain , burning sensation, tingling feeling on the skin, itching, dry skin, contact dermatitis, rare: urticaria, angioedema, eczema, periorbital edema, erythema. Violations of the immune system: rare: Allergic reactions. Violations of the organ of vision: rare:irritation of the conjunctiva. If any of these instructions side effects are compounded, or if you notice any other side effects not mentioned in the instructions, inform your doctor.

Overdosing is unlikely.

Interaction with other medicinal products
None known.

Do not apply the cream tren dosage per week in the eye area, as fusidic acid, if it enters the eye, causing irritation of the conjunctiva.
Contains butylhydroxyanisole, cetyl alcohol and potassium sorbate, which can cause the appearance of local allergic skin reactions (eg contact dermatitis).
butylhydroxyanisole can also cause the appearance of eye irritation and mucous membranes.
bacterial resistance may develop when using fusidic acid. As with other antibiotics, prolonged or recurrent use may increase the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and mechanisms
Effects on ability tren dosage per week to drive vehicles and complex mechanisms have been identified.

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The absorption occurs in the small intestine by passive diffusion. Nitrofurans suction from the distal segment of the small intestine than absorption from the proximal and mid segments, respectively, in 2 and 4 times (to be taken into account while treating urogenital infections and gastrointestinal diseases, including chronic enteritis). Nitrofurans poorly absorbed in the colon.
, being a mixture furazyadina potassium and magnesium hydroxycarbonate in the ratio 1: 1, in oral administration has a higher bioavailability than simple furazidin (after taking capsules tri tren 250 in the acidic environment of the stomach does not occur transformation potassium furazidina in poorly soluble furazidin).
In the body furazidin evenly distributed. Clinically, it is important to the high content of the active substance anabolic z store in the lymph (delay spread lymphatic infection). The bile concentration in several times higher than in blood serum and tri tren 250 times less than in serum. Saliva furazidina content is 30% of the serum concentration. Furazidina concentration in blood and tissues is relatively small, due to its rapid release, when the concentration in urine is considerably higher than in the blood. Maximum concentration in the blood is stored for 3 to 7 or 8 hours furazidin detected in the urine 3-4 hours after application.
Unlike nitrofurantoin (furadonina), after acceptance  urine pH changes. After 4 hours after taking  furazidina urine concentration significantly higher than the concentration that is formed after administration of the same dose Furagin medicament. Isolation takes place through the kidneys by glomerular filtration and tubular secretion (85%), partially exposed tubule reabsorption back. At low concentrations furazidina filtering process and secretion dominates in the urine at high concentrations and reduced secretion increased reabsorption.Furazidin, being a weak acid, in an acidic urine does not dissociate under intense reabsorption, which may enhance the development of systemic side effects. At tri tren 250 alkalization of urine excretion furazidina increases. The active drug substance is slightly biotransformed (less than 10% of the administered dose), with a decrease in renal excretory function of the intensity of metabolism increases.

Infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to furazidinu: urogenital infections (acute cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis), skin and soft tissue infections, severe infected burns, gynecological infections. Oseltamivir can be used in urologic surgery, cystoscopy, catheterization, and others.

Hypersensitivity to the drug nitrofuran group, pregnancy and lactation. Severe chronic renal failure. Children under 3 years of age (for a given dosage form).

Precautions: shortage of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Dosage and administration.
The drug is taken after meals, drinking plenty tri tren 250 of fluids. Adults appoint 50-100 mg (2-4 capsules) 3 times daily. Children appoint 25-50 mg (1-2 capsules) 3 times a day but not more than 5 mg / kg body weight per day. The course of treatment is from 7-10 days. If necessary, after a 10-15 day break, repeat the course. To prevent infections in urologic operations, cystoscopy, catheterization and other drug prescribed:. Adult at 50 mg once daily for 30 minutes before the procedure; children to 25 mg once daily for 30 minutes before the procedure. If you forget to take your next dose, take the next dose at the usual time. Do not take a double dose to replace the missed dose.


In case of overdose symptoms observed neurotoxic nature, ataxia and tremor.
In case of poisoning should drink plenty of fluids. For the relief of acute symptoms used antihistamines. To prevent neuritis possible appointment of vitamins (thiamine bromide).

Side effect.
Rarely observed are typical of other nitrofurans side effects:. Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, polyneuritis, liver function abnormalities, allergic reactions (skin rash, papular rash)
If during treatment Ftri tren 250 showed side effects not listed in instructions, you should inform your doctor.
Effects on ability to drive a vehicle were observed.
Drug interactions. Simultaneously with ristomycin, chloramphenicol, sulfonamides (the risk of depression increases hematopoiesis).
During treatment, it is desirable to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as may worsen the side effects.
It is not recommended to tri tren 250 simultaneously nitrofurans prescribe drugs that can “acidified” urine (including ascorbic acid, calcium chloride).

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Well absorbed after oral administration. Against the background of the inflammation of the meninges into the cerebrospinal fluid concentrations are equal to those in plasma. Rapidly and extensively metabolized mainly in the liver to pharmacologically inactive metabolites (amine derivative). Displayed in the kidney (65%), small tren 250 steroid amounts detected in the feces, where the therapeutic concentration is achieved against pathogens of intestinal infections

Indications for use
Dysentery, paratyphoid fever, giardiasis, food poisoning.

Pregnancy, lactation. Increased individual sensitivity to the nitrofurans group. End-stage chronic renal failure, deficiency of glucose-6-dehydrogenase, children under 3 years (for a given dosage form).Precautions Chronic renal failure, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, liver and nervous system.

Dosing and Administration
Inside, after a meal. In dysentery, paratyphoid and nutritional diseases – 100-150 mg 4 times a day (but no more than 800 mg) tren 250 steroid for 5-10 days.
When giardiasis: adults – 100 mg 4 times a day, children – 10 mg / kg / day, distributing the daily dose into 3-4 receptions. The highest single dose for adults – 200 mg; daily – 800 mg.

Side effects:
Decreased appetite up to anorexia; nausea, vomiting; allergic reactions (skin rash, redness and itching of the skin, angioedema). With prolonged use – neuritis.

Overdose (intoxication) drug
Symptoms: acute toxic hepatitis, haematotoxicity, neurotoxicity (polyneuritis). Treatment: removal of drugs, drinking large amounts of fluid, symptomatic therapy, antihistamine.

The interaction with other drugs
furazolidone in combination with ethanol can result in the development disulfiramopodobnyh reactions, and therefore their simultaneous reception is not recommended.
Antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, ephedrine, amphetamine, phenylephrine, tyramine mogutvyzvat tren 250 steroid sharp increase in blood pressure.

Increases blood oppression against the backdrop of chloramphenicol and ristomycin. It increases sensitivity to ethanol. Medicines, alkalizing urine, reduce the effect and acidifying – increase.
Aminoglycosides and tetracycline enhance the antimicrobial properties.
In the course of treatment should take precautions, like using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, such as: exclusion from the diet foods containing tyramine: cheese, cream , beans, pickled herring, strong coffee. For the prevention of neuritis with prolonged use must be combined.

Form release Tablets. 50 mg.
10 tablets in a package Valium. On tren 250 steroid in banks orange glass.
At 800 contour bezgyachakova packages or 240 cans with an equal number of instructions for use are placed in a box made of cardboard (for hospitals).

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Absorption from the gastrointestinal tract – good. Bioavailability – 50% (food increases the bioavailability). The rate of absorption depends on the crystal size (microcrystalline form is characterized by rapid dissolution and absorption rate, a short time in reaching Cmax urine). Connection with the plasma protein-60%.
It is metabolized in the liver and muscle tissue. The what is trenabolminutes. It penetrates through the placenta, the blood-brain barrier, excreted in breast milk. Displays fully kidneys (30-50% – unchanged).

Bacterial urinary tract infections (pyelitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis), prevention of infections in urologic surgery or examination .

Hypersensitivity, chronic renal failure, chronic heart failure II-III century., Cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, acute porphyria, pregnancy, lactation, children’s age (up to 1 month).

Side effects.
Nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions (lupus-like syndrome, arthralgia, myalgia, anaphylaxis, fever, eosinophilia, rash), dizziness, headache, fatigue, nystagmus, drowsiness, interstitial changes what is trenabol in the lungs, bronchial obstruction, fever, cough, sore chest, cyanosis, hepatitis, cholestatic syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, optic neuritis, pancreatitis, pseudomembranous enterocolitis, rare – abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Symptoms: vomiting. Treatment: drinking large amounts of fluid leads to increased excretion of the drug in the urine. Effective dialysis.

The interaction with other drugs.
The simultaneous use of nalidixic acid and an antacid comprising magnesium trisilicate, reduces antibacterial effect. Incompatible with fluoroquinolones. Drugs that block tubular secretion, reduced antibacterial what is trenabol effect (by reducing the concentration of nitrofurantoin urine) and increase the toxicity (increased blood concentration) of the drug. bolster yoga pavimenti per palestre accessori palestra