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These time intervals shorter than the average incubation period of hepatitis A (4 weeks).  Was evaluated during outbreaks that affected large groups of people , as well as in the family center, and organized groups of children.These studies demonstrated that vaccination  led to the cessation of flares. When immunization coverage of at least 80% susceptible contingent relief outbreak is achieved within 4-8 weeks. To ensure long-term protection should be given a second (boosted) 1dozu between 6 and 12 months. after the first dose. It was found that a booster carried out prior to the 12-60 months after vaccination induces the production of antibodies of the same level as the booster drawn through 6-12 months. after vaccination. Based on the present data we can conclude that people with immune status unchanged after vaccination course consisting of two doses, there is no need trenabol results to carry out additional booster.


Prevention of hepatitis A with 12 months of age.

: Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine; symptoms’ hypersensitivity to previous administration  .
Acute infectious and non-communicable diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases are temporary contraindications for vaccinations; for non-severe acute respiratory viral infection, acute intestinal diseases vaccination is carried out immediately after the normalization of temperature.

Protect against hepatitis caused by other pathogens, such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis E virus, as well as other known pathogens that infect the liver. Should be administered with caution to patients with thrombocytopenia or disorders of the blood coagulation system, as after intramuscular injection in such patients can cause bleeding. After the injection, so patients should apply a pressure bandage (not rubbing) for at least 2 minutes. Patients with thrombocytopenia or disorders screwed blood system may be subcutaneous administration  .
In patients on hemodialysis, as well as in patients with disorders of the immune system after a single  can not achieve development of adequate antibody titer against hepatitis A. These patients may require administration of additional doses of vaccine. As with any other parenteral administration of vaccines, ready to be everything you need for the relief of possible anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine . Vaccinated should be under medical supervision for 30 minutes. after immunization.

Method of application and dosage method of administration Prior to administration, the vaccine should be examined visually to identify foreign particles and change the appearance. Immediately before administration of the vaccine trenabol results , a syringe or vial is necessary to shake vigorously to obtain a slightly turbid white suspension. If the vaccine is found any abnormality, such packaging the vaccine be destroyed. Havrix is intended for intramuscular injection. Adults and older children should be vaccinated in the deltoid region, and the children 1224 months -. In the anterior lateral thigh area The vaccine should not be administered in the gluteal muscle, as well as subcutaneously, since in such routes of administration of antibodies to hepatitis A virus may not to achieve an optimum level.

The scheme of vaccination A single dose of the primary vaccination for adults and adolescents over 16 years is 1.0 ml for children trenabol results and adolescents up to 16 years, 0.5 ml. Revaccination is carried out in 6-12 months after vaccination, using the dosage corresponding age. The optimal interval between doses is 6-12 months. A booster (booster), the effect is achieved upon administration and booster doses during 12-60 months after administration vaktsiniruyuschei dose.